How to Embrace Your Authentic Self and Be in the Flow

We have come to a crossroads, continue resisting what we know is our authentic self and our purpose, or connect fully to source energy, embrace our true nature and follow the path that is unfolding.

There is an illusion that staying where we are and who we’ve been is easier than allowing a big shift to happen in our lives and in our souls. We feel a sense of comfort and familiarity with what we’ve grown accustomed to, and who we know ourselves to be. Much time has been put into creating an identity that meets the expectations of those around us, our world, and even ourselves. For a time, this state of being may be sustainable and to a limited degree offer some happiness and fulfilment, but as time passes the energy of not being our true selves and resisting the unfoldment of who we are meant to become leaves us exhausted in our body, mind and soul. We become disconnected from source energy and are left feeling stuck and uninspired in life. Not only are we not living into our full potential and the possibilities available to us, we are also not able to contribute in a complete way to the lives of those we are intended to impact.

So what do we do? How do we move from in-authenticity and resistance and into authenticity and being in the beautiful connected flow of the universe?

Shifting Out of Being in Resistance and Into Self-discovery

Resistance is present when we are attached to the concepts and expectations that those around us have for us, and that we have for ourselves. When we have made decisions about who we are, where we are going and what we are doing based upon “shoulds” rather than what our soul is telling us, and the path that the universe is presenting to us, we become disconnected from our awareness of self and our truth. Often, we have already been receiving messages and have had signs and synchronicities showing up around us that are directing us about who we are and where to go. When we are in a mode of resistance to the flow from source energy, we are not fully in a state of awareness making these things apparent.

Why do we resist? At the root, fear is the cause. Fear of not being loved and accepted in not following the expectations that others hold for us and being something different than what is comfortable for them, fear of change and the unknown in going a different direction than the constructs we have built in our lives, fear of something different than what we have always known or believed was true for us by living into our fully authentic self.

Allowing this shift to happen can begin in a very simple way. In asking the questions: “Who am I in this?”, and “What is my soul telling me about my path?” we open ourselves up to receiving answers from the universe that will reconnect us to our authentic self and our soul’s purpose. We then need to keep our consciousness open to what comes to us, and hold a state of awareness without judgment, overthinking, or doubt. By keeping our heart, mind and soul open and trusting what is shown to us without overanalyzing or controlling, we step into the full energy of the universal flow that will begin to direct us towards a higher connectedness to self and the next steps on our path.

Resisting the universal flow is like standing in a river with a fast-moving current. We can dig our feet into bottom of the river bed and fight against being swept away and even hold onto a nearby rock or tree that has fallen into the river (our “should ds”) in an attempt to stabilize ourselves and ease the effort involved in resisting. This can quickly grow tiresome and prevent us from seeing what beautiful things may be further down the river. If we open our eyes to what is around us and available to us, we then notice there is a boat close by on the shore of the river. We can then choose to climb into the boat (step into the universal flow), relax, and enjoy the beautiful unfolding of our surroundings as the river carries us downstream to a breathtaking destination.

Acceptance and Owning

In shifting out of resistance and into connectedness and self-discovery a beautiful thing begins to appear, our true self. After becoming conscious of the ways we resist seeing and being our true selves, and the reasons for our resistance, we then are able to uncover who we authentically are. This can be a very liberating and exciting experience, and it can also be challenging. When we choose to live into our authentic self fully this can stir up uncertainty and vulnerability in us and those around us, or even cause them to notice inauthenticity in their own lives. Staying grounded and connecting to source energy is key in maintaining and growing in our authenticity. So much energy has been put into molding ourselves into being something we are not, in letting go of our resistance we open up to source energy flowing into us and through us.

Incorporating practices that allow us to root ourselves in our truth and expand are crucial to staying in the universal flow and owning our path. Although it may seem like a difficult or complicated thing to stay in this flow, consistency with simple daily and weekly focuses can keep us present in this.

Ways to stay in the universal flow and connected to source energy:

  • Meditation- In a meditative state we open ourselves up to the collective consciousness of the universe, connect to our higher self and source energy.

  • Time outdoors- Spending time outdoors grounds us and connects us to nature and the powerful life force that connects all living things.

  • Being with like- minded people- When we spend time with others that are in a similar energetic space our vibrational frequency is amplified.

  • Expanding in our spiritually – When we seek to discover and learn more, we open our hearts and consciousness to a higher connection.

In applying these basic practices in our lives we are able to stay the course in expanding in our authenticity and our soul’s path. We create expanded awareness of our self and those around us which allows us to live a balanced, energetic and fulfilled life and opens possibilities to contribute in a meaningful way to the world.