Discovering your True Self to be Inspired

Throughout our entire lives our identity has been defined by a series of descriptions that are related to the choices we have made in life, connections to groups of people, and activities that we participate in.

But who are we really? If we strip away all of the labels and definitions that have been applied to us and that we have taken on, what is at the core? Who is our true, authentic self? How do we discover this and live into this more completely?

Tuning Into Our Energy

Our energy at any given moment is an accurate indication of whether something is in alignment or not in alignment with who we are. This initial sensing serves as a checkpoint for positive or negative feelings, authenticity or inauthenticity. By tuning into the energetic experience we are having at any point in time or in any situation we can begin to access this on a fundamental level.

How to tune into energy in the moment: Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths. Tune into your body as you are breathing, feel for where there may be a heaviness of energy present anywhere in your body. This could have the sensation of a slight aching, jabbing or feeling of fullness. This is where your energy is blocked. Whatever is happening in the moment is causing this to surface. If you sense this somewhere, where is it located in your body? Is it low in your abdomen, central by your belly button, in your chest near your heart, in your neck or throat area? Once you discover where it is located, continue to breathe deeply, focus your attention on the sensation, ask yourself “what is connected to this sensation? What has me experiencing this now in this moment?”. Sometimes the answer comes immediately, sometimes you will need to continue to ask the question to uncover the truth that is beneath the feeling and it will surface at a later time. Be patient, the answer will come with continuing to ask. The action of asking the question syncs us up with source energy to receive the answer.


An amazing thing happens when we allow our minds the space of calmness and quiet. in this space we are able to tune in more closely to messages from our intuitive self. When we strip away the distractions of life and the buzz of energy that surrounds us from other people, we step into a field of openness and shining light that illuminates the hidden parts of us that we have yet to discover and embrace. When we are in this calm, centered space answers to questions appear, solutions to problems surface, and clarity about our authentic self and path becomes known to us. In this space we immerse ourselves into an attunement with spirit which brings forth visions and inspirations that are meant to manifest in our lives showing us the endless potential of possibility available to us. Creating time in our lives for solitude is not only empowering it is a necessity for self-discovery and having a deep connection to source energy.

Asking Empowering Questions

The answers we receive from the universe directly relate to the questions we ask. When we ask empowering questions such as “What purpose is coming forth in me? What is my inspired path? Who am I authentically?” instead of disempowering questions such as “Why is this happening to me? Why can’t I figure out my path? Or, why can’t I find my true self? We come from an open space of possibilities instead of a closed space of limitations. When we ask the universe, god, spirit, source, empowering questions we bring our energy to a powerful level where higher manifestation of our authentic self is able to happen. The answers that come forth do not only correlate to who we are as an individual but to who we are as a cause and contribution to the world around us. We awaken the larger perspective available in us to see the impact we are able to and meant to have through living into our authentic self.

Opening Up to Receiving

Having profound discoveries and revelations about our true self is incomplete if we do not have the openness to receive the messages we are given and the desire to live into them fully. If we have blocks, fears or resistance that prevents the river of authentic energy from flowing freely through us, we place limitations on the level at which we manifest our true self in our lives. Trust is the biggest component of opening up to receiving. When we have unwavering trust in the universe to direct our path and reveal to us our authenticity, we work in alignment with source energy. When we are in alignment with source energy, we eliminate blocks that arise allowing powerful revelations to unfold with ease and grace. Learning to be in tune with our own intuition and energy is part of having trust. Being aware enough to pause and tune into the messages that the universe sends to us by seeing the synchronicities that are happening, the energy we are sensing, and the opportunities that are arising, gives us a deeper connection to the power of having trust. In having this deeper connection to trust our fears are then eliminated, blocks disappear, and possibilities arise that may not have been apparent.

Allowing trust to be the touchstone in the discovery of our true self keeps our focus on the larger picture of what is meant to come forth from us in being our authentic in all areas of our life. When we live from a place of having authenticity in all areas, we bring love, connection and inspiration to all those around us.