Revive ~ Body, Mind and Soul was birthed from the desire to help people live balanced, inspired and fulfilled lives. To live a fulfilled life, we must first discover our authentic self, embrace who we are, and create balance that supports us in being this. We are then able to be more fully connected to the universal flow which inspires and compels our passions and purpose.

So often in life we mold and shape ourselves to fit into the expectations that others have for us and live a life that is based upon these expectations. In doing this we become disconnected from who we are authentically and unaware of what we truly want for ourselves and our lives. When we seek to discover our true selves and choose to embrace and own who we are, we then live from a place of empowerment where we can have balance, inspiration and fulfillment in all areas of our lives ~ Body, Mind and Soul.

Katrina Renee

Meditation Teacher & Authenticity Coach~ CMT, CLC

(Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Life Coach)

My passion for living an authentic life is the driving force behind creating Revive~ Body, Mind and Soul. Through my own experiences and watching those around me, I have discovered how great an impact authenticity has on having balance, inspiration and fulfillment in life. These experiences, along with my path of personal development, guided me to a spiritual awakening that gave me clarity on my calling. I had begun to notice on this path of personal and spiritual growth that I was attracting many people to me that were seeking perspective, input and guidance in their own struggles with authenticity and other life challenges. I wanted to be able to help more and be more effective in helping people. This inspired me to become a Certified Life Coach.

Having practiced meditation for over 22 years, I believe there is incredible power, peace and clarity that comes from stepping into the infinite universal flow of consciousness. My desire to share this profound tool and experience with others led me to become a Certified Meditation Teacher and to incorporate using different modalities of meditation in the work that I do with my programs and clients.

My commitment to helping others and provide a community for those seeking to discover who they are authentically and live into this fully resulted in the birth of Revive~ Body, Mind and Soul.

“When we choose to live authentically, embrace who we are, and create an inspired and fulfilled life that encompasses this, we are a light to those around us empowering them to do the same.” ~ Katrina Renee